ADSL & ADSL2+ Plans

(All prices are monthly charges and inclusive of GST)

JaziNET offers, Super-Fast broadband with speeds up to 24mb/s, no congestion times, and you will stay at full speed 24/7 with no down time. Our plans are basic with choice of full customization to for fill your needs. All plans are shaped if your data allowance is reached but data packs are available to purchase to get you through the rest of the month.

JaziNET has NO congestion times your internet will NOT get slower when everybody starts getting home from work & school. The speed of your connection is determined by how far away from the exchange you are and the phone line quality in your area.

JaziNET plans and pricing may seem to be higher than other ISP but the reason for that is that we offer business grade connections with no congestion at all times of the day. No Peak/ off Peak times like most conventional ISP's.

How to know if JaziNET is right for you:

- Willing to pay little extra than most ISP's on the market for no congestion & no off/on peak times.

- Smaller email box. However our emails are highly spam filtered and 90% spam sent to your email box you will never see so you will never do over 150MB in an email box. (Bigger email boxes available if needed.)


What are the connection charges? The installation charge covers the conversion of a standard telephone line into an ADSL service.
Setup (new connection): $110
Setup (if churning): $44
What do I need to get ADSL You will require an ADSL Modem or Router. You can use your own ADSL modem, or purchase it from another source, however we can only guarantee support for the ADSL modems we supply - though we will of course try our best to help. Finally, you will need 1 line filter per telephone device (phone, fax, dialer etc). If you have an Alarm system, or require more than 3 line filters then it is possible you will need to have a Central Splitter installed. If this applies to you please contact us to discuss your options.
Can you post me a modem/router? A flat fee of $24.00 applies for shipping of ADSL modems anywhere in Australia by Express Post Platinum.
Can I churn over to JaziNET? The ADSL "churn" process allows an ADSL customer from any ISP participating in the ADSL transfer program, to switch between ADSL providers at a reduced cost and without the lengthy down times experienced in the past.

Previously when customers wanted to change from one ISP to another they were required to pay for a new installation but with the new transfer process this no longer applies and instead you pay a transfer fee.

The other significant benefit of the churn process is that the cost of changing providers is greatly reduced. Whereas the connection charge for a new ADSL service is normally $110, with the churn process you only pay a $44 fee.

You can also use the churn process as the ideal opportunity to increase speeds while moving, since to do so will cost you no extra, whereas ordinarily any speed changes incur a $44 charge.

The ADSL transfer processed usually used to take a few business days to complete, and now during the changeover customers will typically only experience a 1-4 hour outage.


IMPORTANT: DO NOT cancel your existing connection!
If you cancel your existing ADSL connection you will be unable to churn to us, and you will have to pay the normal setup fees.

Are there any special conditions I should know?
  • Data allocation is classed as data downloaded or upload during the course of the month, whichever is the greater of the two.
  • Rate-limiting slows the speed of your DSL connection down to approximately 64kbit/s for data downloaded and uploaded.
  • All ADSL plans are subject to a $55 Termination fee, regardless of reason.
  • All ADSL plan changes are subject to a $44.00 plan-change fee
  • All JaziNET accounts are governed by the standard JaziNET Terms and Conditions, any applicable Specific Terms and Conditions (ie. ADSL Terms and Conditions) and subject to the JaziNET Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Which can be found at the bottom of the website.
  • By choosing this plan you therefore agree to the terms and conditions stated.