Virtual Private Desktop Plans and pricing

Information about our Virtual Private Desktop

JaziNET is the perfect choice whether you are looking for business or personal private computing. Every plan comes with remote online support to help you set up your computer.

What is Virtual Private Desktop? Well it is a desktop that lives in the net where you can access it from your computer, iphone, ipad, and tablet with a simple click of a button. Allowing you to store files, and use the computer for either bussiness or personal related tasks. Lag free with no stress on your device.

Here are some of the many features you will receive.

Virtual Private Desktop Computing Features:

  •     Easy access to your virtual machine.
  •     Choice of WinXP or Win7/8 depending on your machine specs.
  •     99.9% uptime.
  •     Preconfigured Virtual Machine setup and ready to go within minutes of ordering.
  •     Latest versions of virtualization software.
  •     Virtual machines are connected to a fiber network with GigaBit speeds.
  •     New Jersey based to keep the cost of VPD down. (Australian Based VPD available but the price is higher.)